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Go Pro Roofing and Construction offers a complete line of Chimney Services. Working on Chimneys goes hand and hand with Roofing repairs and new roof Installations. Having superior knowledge of chimneys allows us to complete all jobs using only one contractor. Often.When working on an old roof the Chimney area of the roof needs the most work and understanding chimney service and Roofing Services is the skill set necessary to all problems that may arise. Contact Us today for all your Chimney Services needs.


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  • Chimney Relining: Stainless Steel Chimney Liners to fit all size Chimneys
  • Chimney Caps: Installation of basic caps ,Vacu Stacks and Wind Directional Chimney Caps.
  • Chimney Crowns: Rebuilding and waterproofing the Crown
  • Chimney Sweeps: We sweep chimneys so no need to call another contractor once your repair is completed.
  • Fireplace & Furnace Flue Relining: we use the best quality stainless steel liner systems.

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(4.6) Overall Rating

Lotta Gustafsson
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Thank you.The owner was personally overseeing this project and was very responsive and easy to deal with. I highly recommend this company. Quality work, punctuality.Truly professional team!
Vullnet Duro
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Sean and the lads were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Genuine, honest and hard working company. We had to wait a few months for our roof to be done because of the huge amount of work he had on.
Sumi Khatunn
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We have been really impressed with their work, they are a great company to use & I would highly recommend them!!
Henrietta Öhman
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Professional service.That's for sure since they arrived as soon as they could and started working right away. It made me feel so relaxed.I would definitely recommend for this team !!!
Rima Tanoy
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Great service and quality work at a reassuringly great price too. Highly recommended!
Andrew Ross
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Work was done to a high standard and we were pleased with the roof repair. They also did several other minor repair/maintenance jobs to our roof. Would definitely use again .
Tony Ljung
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Arrived on time each day, finished the project on time with good quality work.Excellent value for money. I would highly recommend this roofing service.
Douglas Gray
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Very prompt and did a brilliant job. Would definitely recommend this company.
Maurice Jonathan
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Got a very good quote with these lads and they did a fantastic job repairing my roof and all the guttering, definitely recommend!
harison bijay
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Truly simple to manage, incredible help beginning to end. they supplanted a level rooftop ravine on our property that joins 2 houses. Truly pleasant chaps and will utilize joke for all our material works.
Rayma Niliy
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Fantastic work from Rich and a great group of lads. Highly recommend and definitely use them again.
Thomas Cardenas
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My guttering fixed, they came round and installed all new guttering, very good job and lads were very easy to talk to. easy roofing company to deal with.